Seamless and
Compliant RFQs!

Create and send RFQs, automagically consolidate supplier quotes into a comparison view, and enhance response rates with automated follow-up, all while ensuring data consistency and transparency.
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No more outdated spreadsheets and endless emails!

2.5 Hrs
IDC highlights that the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of a workday, searching for information!
Research by Aberdeen Group stating that 33% of spreadsheets contain errors.
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Integrated Workflow with Real-time Visibility.

From initiating an RFQ to comparing responses and follow-ups, Enquirica simplifies your sourcing efforts with end-to-end visibility, empowering confident decision-making in a collaborative way with transparency all on one single platform.

Move away from information silos in inboxes and outdated, inconsistent spreadsheets. Take control of your sourcing process and optimise for rapid responses to meet your organisational needs.


Leverage Enquirica’s integrated RFQ actions and insights all in one place to eliminate manual tasks and reduce human error, driving unparalleled efficiency and productivity within your team.

Real-time Visibility

Enquirica provides an end-to-end real-time visibility, from crafting RFQs, to consolidating suppliers quotes for the next step in your procurement process, equipped with actionable insights for better data-driven decision making.
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Take Control, Enforce Your RFQ Policies.

With Enquirica’s RFQ controls, achieve your goals by implementing policies that restrict changes to RFQ details, such as controlling supplier adjustments to quantities, enforcing rules for partial responses, and setting strict deadlines for consistent and compliant submissions.

This not only streamlines your sourcing process but also empowers suppliers by providing crystal-clear guidelines and expectations, minimising confusion and turbocharging overall efficiency.
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Stop suppliers chasing - Let automation leads!

Say goodbye to the constant "chasing" and focus on what truly matters. Our tool automates supplier follow-up, freeing you to strategise, negotiate, and make informed decisions.
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Enhanced Transparency and Compliance.

Enhance your internal transparency through centralised data, standardised processes, real-time visibility, and improved communication. Simultaneously, you have possibility to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, vendor qualifications, financial controls, and industry standards. This dual capability not only streamlines internal operations but also acts as building blocks for trust and reliability with external business entities and financial institutions.

How it works?

Initiate RFQ

Effortlessly create and send RFQs to your preferred suppliers in under a minute. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual document creation, spreadsheets, and emails.

Invite your desire suppliers

Invite your chosen suppliers as recipients. They can participate without installing new software or signing up for a new portal, using familiar emails and online forms for a seamless experience.

Get real-time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility from the moment you send out your RFQ. Instantly compare responses side-by-side, identify non-responders, and send follow-ups—all in one place

Automatic follow up

Eliminate the tedious task of manually chasing down responses. Our automated reminders and follow-up emails keep projects moving forward and suppliers engaged.

Make data-driven decision!

With access to all this information and insight, enhance your efficiency and productivity for real-time, rapid decision-making.

Quick onboarding—get started today and gain the immediate value and efficiency from day 1.

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